Shipping FAQs

How soon is my order shipped after I place my order?

Answer: If your order is placed before 3PM PST we will be able to ship your item the same day. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your tracking information to be updated. You can read our complete terms and conditions plus our privacy policy. You may find answers to some of your questions in one of those two official policies. Find out about our professional repair service offered for some makes and models. Get more details on ORIWHIZ electronics page.

Will I get tracking details when my order ships?

Answer: Yes, you will be emailed tracking details once your item has been shipped to the email address you provided when you placed your order. In rare cases, if an order shipment email with your tracking number does not arrive in your email box, first make sure to check your Spam folder, to make sure it didn't go there instead. If you are still unable to find your tracking email, please wait up to 12 hours. If you still haven't received the tracking number by that time, you may contact ORIWHIZ and we'll straighten it out right away. When contacting us, please make sure to include your order number, order date and the email address you used for your order. These details will allow us to help you more quickly.

Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes we ship orders to many countries around the world including, USA,Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

Can my order be sent to my PO Box?

Answer: Yes, we ship to PO boxes all the time. Just make sure to include the PO box in your shipping information, which may or may not be the same as your billing address. Also, if there is a four or more digit extension for the zip code, please include that as well; most times it actually speeds up shipping.

Do you ship to a APO/FPO address?

Answer: Yes, we ship orders every day to military personnel posted in various locations around the world. If you're ordering from a APO or FPO address, please make sure to include the complete address and your (or the recipient's) full name and any other identifying information to make sure the order gets to its destination fast and unimpeded.

What if I provided an incorrect shipping address?

Answer: Please make sure to provide the correct shipping address for your order, or if you are sending it to someone else, please make sure you get that person's correct and full shipping address. If an item gets returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address, it is possible that extra shipping charges may apply in order for us to resend the package and if the issue was not a mistake on our part. You also want to check your tracking email to double-check for yourself that the shipping address is correct and up to date.


Payment FAQs

This section offers answers to common questions asked by customers regarding payments. We encourage our customers to review FAQs before contacting ORIWHIZ so that we can provide the fastest and most efficient 100% customer satisfaction, because customers are our business.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Answer: Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard,JCB. You will be able to choose which you which to use just like you would on any other online store. For customers worldwide who prefer to use PayPal, we have that payment option as well. For dealers/wholesalers/trading company we support T/T and Bank transfer company account to company account.

Is my payment secure?

Answer: Yes, we use secure servers via Shopify Stores with the latest double encryption technology for your orders. We do not store, sell or reuse your information provided when you are checking out at ORIWHIZ.

Do you store my personal or payment information?

Answer: No. There is only a temporary capture of your information to process the order and then it is deleted automatically from our system. We never store, resell or reuse your information. Please review our complete terms and conditions plus our privacy policy.

What is your refund policy?

Answer: You may return items within 10 days undamaged for a refund. Please see full details in our terms and conditions.

Do you accept PayPal?

Answer: Yes, we accept PayPal, but at this time we do not accept Stripe payments. To pay your order with PayPal, simply choose the PayPal option as your payment method when checking out, and the on-screen instructions will prompt you to sign in securely to your PayPal account to complete your order.

How do PayPal refunds work?

Answer: First, it is very rare for any of our customers to request a refund; it usually happens when someone incorrectly orders the wrong product. Therefore, if you made a payment with PayPal, and you need a refund, please use ORIWHIZ's contact form to make your request, and we will attend to the matter within 24-48 hours. For more details, please refer to PayPal's Refund Policy.

Can you take payments by check?

Answer: No, we are not able to process personal checks of any kind for orders. All orders must be paid at the time the order is placed so that we can ship your replacement or repair part right away and without delays. This also helps the entire system run smoothly for everyone involved while allowing us to be more streamlined and keep our costs for the highest quality parts at a discount for our customers – since we deal directly with the manufacturers.

Can you take payments made with a money order?

Answer: No, we cannot accept money orders as a payment since all payments must be made at the time of checkout so that your order can be shipped right away.

Can I make a payment using more than one credit card, or in combination with PayPal balance?

Answer: At this time we do not have the capability to receive more than one payment type at the time of checkout. However, if you use PayPal, depending on your type of account with PayPal, you may be able to use a mix of funding options such as a credit card and PayPal balance to complete an order. Please see PayPal's Help Center for more information about multiple funding sources.


General Ordering FAQs

Who do I contact if I have any problems with my order?

Answer: It is rare that we have problems with orders. However, if you have any problems with your order, please contact ORIWHIZ right away so that we can address your issue as soon as possible. Please make sure to include the correct subject line in your email for the quickest resolution. We process hundreds of orders a day, so please also make sure to include your order number and the name of the part as well as the date you first made your order. Include a brief but detailed description of your issue so that we understand the issue fully. If your question is regarding a shipping issue, please wait 24-48 hours from the date you expected your order to arrive and make sure to keep your tracking number email you'll receive once your order is shipped. It is very rare for an order not to arrive at its destination within 2-8 days, but sometimes this happens out of our control. We ask that with any shipping issue you first use your tracking number and speak with the shipping company – like UPS – since at that point, it is basically out of our hands.

What should I do if a part I receive is damaged?

Answer: It is extremely rare to receive a damaged part because we quality test all of our parts before shipping them out. However, if you believe a part you ordered was damaged before you tried to install it, keep it in it's original box and wrapping and contact us so that we may assist you. Please remember that we are not responsible for any damage to a part that was caused by not following the proper steps to order (including verifying you're ordering the right part) and replace the part in question. We include free step-by-step instructions and a free safe pry tool with most orders. As long as you follow all of the instructions carefully when it comes to ordering a part, you should never receive the wrong part. One of the reasons our customers returned to us again for future purchases, is because of the quality of our parts, and the helpful instructions included with each order, not to mention, our low costs because we deal directly with the manufacturers. If applicable, make sure to use only the plastic try tool included with your order to open your device to make your repair or insert your replacement part.

How is your replacement parts quality?

Answer:  You get only 100% quality guaranteed, compatible and factory-tested parts of only the finest quality. This is just one reason that our customers return to us for future orders.

Do I have to pay state sales tax?

Answer:No tax or VAT is included with any of the prices on our website.When importing into your country you are responsible for all import, customs, handling fees associated with your countries local tax laws.We are unable to control the cost of the import fees or tax and will not under declare the value of items

What if I receive the wrong part?

Answer: It is extremely rare for one of our customers to receive a part they did not order. However, if you do receive a part that you did not order, we will send you the correct part as quick as possible. However, if you order the wrong part, you will be responsible for returning it safely in new condition. Once we receive the part, and determine it has not been damaged, we will send our the part you need the same day. Please make sure you know what replacement part you need for your device. There are a number of different ways to make this determination, but the best method is to find the model of your device or smartphone using the navigation menus on our website. Please make sure to take care when placing your order. For example, if you need a replacement screen for iPhone 4S, make sure you don't order the replacement part for the iPhone 4.

What if I ordered the wrong part(s) by mistake?

Answer: ORIWHIZ does everything we can to help our customers find the correct replacement part they need by arranging the site so that you can easily find your manufacturer/model (such as iPhone, BlackBerry, or HTC) and make or version (like Droid X, iPod 3G or HTC Incredible).
Use the column navigation on the site to find the exact part you need. If you do order the wrong part, please let us know as soon as possible, and if you are able, to inform us before we ship your order with an email and in the subject line, please put Wrong Order: Please Cancel ASAP using our contact form.
For added assurance, please make sure to review your order confirmation email and make sure that it is indeed the right part. However, if you realize that you ordered the wrong part(s) after you receive your order, do not remove the part from its protective wrapper or handle the part itself. This will make it much easier for you to send it back to us to exchange for the correct part quickly. We are not responsible for damage caused to a part that is returned to us.
All of our parts are 100% quality, non-refurbished, compatible and guaranteed parts, therefore, it is extremely rare that a customer would receive an order – whether it's the right or wrong order – damaged in any way. If you do order the wrong part, we are unable to pay the shipping costs for you to return the item for exchange. This is why we have a lot of checks integrated into our website and system to help you make sure you order the right part from the start.


Screen Replacement Parts FAQs

The screen replacement part you sent looks used and scratched up; why is that?

Answer: All of ORIWHIZ's replacement and repair parts are 100% factory and quality compliant and none of our parts are refurbished. Therefore, you will never receive a used or scratched part from us. All of our parts are quality-tested before they are shipped, and in mint condition when they are shipped out. What you are likely seeing is what looks like scratching on the screen, but that is just the screen protector skin that comes with your order. All you need to do is to make sure you remove the screen protector that comes with the part and then it will not look used or scratch. The screen protector seal can be peeled off and is there to protect your part. Please do not remove the protector peel until you have completed the repair to keep from scratching it during installation.

I cracked or damaged my iPhone 8 LCD screen, what can I do to fix it?

Answer: If you damaged or cracked your LCD screen, or it simply has stopped working correctly, you need to replace the LCD replacement screen from ORIWHIZ. All of our screens are 100% compatible and factory tested for quality. To order a new LCD replacement screen for your iPhone model, go to our Samsung screen replacement page, and place your order today. If you order before 7 pm EST, your order will be shipped the same day. You'll receive it in just a few days complete with a free repair instructions guide and a free plastic pry tool. Simply follow the steps in the repair guide we will send with your order to install.

The ringer / loud speaker on my phone doesn't work or is too low to hear anymore. How can I fix it?

Answer: ORIWHIZ has replacement ringer loud speakers for all kinds of cell, mobile and smartphones. First, check out our front page,find the ringer you need, place your order and you're on your way to getting it fixed. Once you receive your order, just follow our comprehensive repair instructions that are included with your order to replace your ringer speaker, and in a few minutes, you can have it fixed and one less thing to worry about.

Where is ORIWHIZ located?

Answer: ORIWHIZ is located in Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.We ship orders to customers around the world, so if you are in another country, no worries, we can ship to you as long as there are no restrictions in your country or for you to receive a package from China.

How do I determine if I need to replace the LCD screen or a glass digitizer screen for my iPhone?

Answer: There are a couple of ways to determine if you need either a LCD or glass touch screen. First, if the image under the glass is not displaying correctly, and the glass touch panel is undamaged, then it is more than likely that you only need a iPhone LCD screen replacement. However, if the glass touch screen is cracked or damaged in some way, or no longer responds to your touch, or is unusable, then you most likely need an iPhone Touch Screen Digitizer replacement part. Alternatively, you may need to order a combo LCD and glass touch digitizer screen, 2-in-1 replacement part. We recommend to purchase the 2-in-1 screen if you are not sure which screen is broken - that way, you have replaced both screens at one time, and you know they are both working correctly. Another reason to purchase the combo screen replacement is to make sure you don't damage your other screen (either LCD or glass touch) during repair.

Which screen do I need?


Which screen you need depends partly on which make and model smartphone, cellphone or device – like iPod or Zune MP3 Player – you have; if you need a glass touch digitizer screen replacement, a LCD display screen replacement. If you need both screens, we strongly recommend getting the glass and LCD combination screen part instead of buying two separate parts. In some cases, such as for a PSP, you may need a lens and not a screen at all.

Screens are broken down into four sections:

  • Touch Screen Digitizer (Glass)
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Touch Screen and LCD combination
  • Lenses

Touch Screen Digitizers (Glass)

On most smartphones, the touch screen digitizer is the outer glass screen that you touch to make a call, check email, view your calendar, and so on. Smartphone glass touch screen often crack in a "spider web" pattern. Glass touch screens can be damaged from drops or other blunt force, sometimes including sitting on it while the phone is in a back pocket.

These accidents often cause chips, cracks, and deep scratches on glass screens, and usually require a glass screen replacement. The most popular glass touch screen smartphones include iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Droid, Motorola, Nokia, and other smartphones, as well as devices such as the iPod or Zune MP3 player.

Another problem that can happen with glass touch screens is when they are weak to, or unresponsive to touch, thereby, making it difficult to use the phone at all. Often this issue requires a new glass screen replacement to fix the problem.

Note: Touch screen assemblies are also available for a select few models. The assembly will normally include the front housing, which eliminates the step of reattaching a new touch screen to the old housing. Other assemblies can include pre-attached buttons as well.

LCD Display Screens

The LCD screen is primarily responsible for displaying the image through the glass touch screen digitizer, or in some cases, plastic or glass covers. LCD screens are very fragile. A damaged LCD screen can cause your smartphone or device to stop working and become unusable. Common symptoms of a faulty or damaged LCD screen include:

  • Inky black spots (dead pixels)
  • Discoloration
  • White screen
  • Other display issues

Note: The LCD screen can also be AMOLED which refers to the same part, but uses different display methods. The symptoms are the same and the repair process is the same for AMOLED and LCD.

Glass Touch Screen & LCD Screen Combo (as one piece)

Combo screens are common for many different phone makers. The combo will include the LCD screen and touch screen glass digitizer pre-attached. These are often difficult to separate without causing damage. The repair process is similar to repairing just the LCD or touch screen, however, the does eliminate the requirement of attaching your new screen (either LCD or touch screen digitizer) to the older screen (LCD or touch screen digitizer.) The combination of LCD and touch glass screen will resolve nearly every display and screen cosmetic issue, including:

  • Cracks
  • Scratches
  • Un-Sensitive to touch
  • Inky black spots (dead pixels)
  • Discoloration
  • White screen
  • Other display issues

Note: The LCD and glass touch screen combination part comes with housing or mid-frame depending on the model.


Lenses are common on many Blackberry models as well as iPods and Zunes. The lens itself is basically a cover for the LCD, usually made of clear plastic, however, it can be glass. The lens is not a touch screen, nor is it connected to the rest of the device via flex cables. Many of the lenses are attached to the front housing, i.e. the Zune front cover and iPod Video front cover. Common issues are:

  • Cracks
  • Scratches
  • Scuffs

Note: The plastic lenses are commonly scratched and damaged because it is softer than glass, ect. The lenses are usually held to the phone using adhesive strips which are usually model specific and recommended for easy installation.