Purchase Order

ORIWHIZ Electronics accepts purchase orders from institutes, universities, and government entities.
You can email us at info@oriwhiz.com
You can email Purchase Orders to info@oriwhiz.com
Please feel free to request a quote first to insure accuracy of the PO that you generate.
We need an email or direct phone number in event of any concerns so we can update your order immediately and not delay shipping.
Please include the following on your Purchase Order (Make sure to type or print legibly to minimize errors):
  1. School, government or business name with all applicable contact information.
  2. A purchase order number
  3. Item SKU, name and the quantity needed
  4. Any applicable options
  5. Pricing (Including total amount of order and provisions for shipping)
  6. Bill and Ship to information
Purchase Order Process:
  1. ORIWHIZ receives the fully completed Purchase Order (The purchase order should be on the purchaser's letterhead and be signed by an officer, or similarly responsible representative).
  2. ORIWHIZ's goal is to process your order on the same business day we receive the completed purchase order. Please make sure we have accurate contact information in case we need to call you for any reason.
  3. ORIWHIZ will invoice you when the order ships*. Please make sure we have email and mailing address for the invoice. You may get status updates on your Purchase Order by sending an email to info@oriwhiz.com
Remitting Payment:
You may remit payment via check or credit card. To pay via credit card please email to info@oriwhiz.com and have your invoice number ready.
Please send checks to:
Room 1040,Tongsheng Technology Building,Huahui Road,
Longhua,Shenzhen,China 518109
Phone: +86 0755 2108 2114
Email: info@oriwhiz.com
Web: http://www.oriwhiz.com
* Standard Purchase Order terms are due on receipt.
Purchase Orders typically take 24-48 hours to process. The terms and conditions under which we accept Purchase Orders are subject to changes without notice. If payment is not received within the period specified on the invoice, your company's account and all associated accounts and licenses will be deactivated. By submitting a Purchase Order to ORIWHIZ you agree that ORIWHIZ's License Agreement shall have precedence over any other Terms and Conditions between the Buyer and Seller. In the event of any inconsistencies between ORIWHIZ's License Agreement and the Terms and Conditions on the Purchase Order, ORIWHIZ's License Agreement shall prevail.